7 Reasons Why You Must Dry Leather Shoes In Microwave

Leather shoes are a classic wardrobe staple, and for good reason: they’re stylish and comfortable. But if you’ve ever been faced with a situation where your leather shoes need to be dried quickly, you may have considered putting them in the microwave.

While this may seem like a good idea in theory, it’s actually a very bad idea that can cause permanent damage to your favourite pair of shoes. In this post, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t put leather shoes in the microwave and provide some alternatives for drying them quickly.

Leather Shoes In The Microwave

7 Reasons Why You Must Not Dry Leather Shoes In Microwave

1. Heat Can Damage Glue

When you put leather shoes in the microwave, the heat can cause the glue to start to break down. This will weaken the adhesive properties of the glue, making the shoes more likely to fall apart. Not only that, but the glue can start to burn, leaving a nasty smell and potentially damaging the shoes. So, if you want to keep your leather shoes in good condition, it’s best to avoid microwaving them.

2. High Heat Can Damage Leather

It is not a good idea to put your leather shoes in the microwave as the high heat can cause damage to the leather. The heat produces steam and water vapour which is harmful to the leather fibers, causing them to become brittle and stiff once cooled. Not only can this affect the fibers in the leather, but it can also lead to discolouration and an unpleasant smell.

3. It might become dry, crack, or even peel

It is important to remember that leather shoes will dry, crack, and peel if they are put in the microwave. If you have a pair of real leather shoes, the drying out process can take years to happen. However, faux leather shoes will not be so lucky. If they are exposed to too much heat, they will melt and lose their adhesion.

4. The shoe’s overall design can be ruined

Another reason not to put your leather shoes in the microwave is that it can cause the overall design of the shoe to get damaged. This is because when exposed to excessive heat, the leather material can soften and become malleable, making it easy to warp or bend. Additionally, the leather might stretch or shrink unevenly, which could result in an unsightly design that may be difficult to fix. It’s best to avoid using the microwave altogether when it comes to drying your leather shoes.

5. The Leather Shoes Will Change Colour

For natural dyes, the heat from the microwave can cause the dye to bleed and ruin the look of your leather shoes. Additionally, patent leather can become discoloured if stored in an environment that is too hot or cold. To keep your leather shoes looking as good as new, store them in a dry area away from any direct sunlight.

6. The Leather Shoes’ Smell Will Change

Not only will the leather shoes become discoloured, but the smell of the leather shoes will also change. Leather has a unique natural scent due to the tanning process and putting leather shoes in a microwave will cause this scent to be altered. The heat from the microwave will cause the natural oils in the leather to evaporate, leading to a different overall smell of the shoes. The smell of the leather shoes after being placed in a microwave will not be pleasant and can be a great way to ruin shoes.

7. The Microwave Will Melt Faux Leather Shoes

In the case of faux leather shoes, the consequences of microwaving are much worse. Faux leather is made up of plastic and synthetic materials, which means that when exposed to heat, it will melt and release dangerous chemicals that could be unpleasant for you. So it’s best to avoid microwaving faux leather shoes at all costs.

Alternatives To Drying Leather Shoes Quickly

1. Newspaper Method

It is possible to dry leather shoes in a friendly and safe manner with the use of newspaper. To do this, start by wiping down the shoes with a soft cloth and a suitable leather cleaner to remove any dirt and soap. Then, fill the shoes with newspaper and leave them to dry for several hours. After that, take out the newspaper and use a new damp paper towel to rinse off any remaining soap or dirt.

2. Talcum powder

Talcum powder is an excellent choice for drying leather shoes. It absorbs oil, pulling it away from the surface, and can help remove stains.

3. Uncooked Rice Method

Uncooked rice is a great way to dry out leather shoes. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to get your shoes looking great again. Simply fill a sock with uncooked rice and then place it inside the shoe. The uncooked rice will absorb the moisture and help to restore the shoe to its former glory. Leave the sock of rice in the shoe overnight and in the morning you will have dry, clean leather shoes!

4. Using a Dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier to dry leather shoes is a great way to keep them looking and feeling their best. It can help reduce mold and mildew buildup, ensuring your shoes stay in top shape for longer. To start, remove the excess moisture from the shoes by wiping them down with a damp cloth and soap.

Once they are dry, place them in an area with low humidity, such as a closet, and place a dehumidifier next to them. This will pull out the remaining moisture, ensuring your shoes dry thoroughly without any damage.

5. Hair Dryer Method

Using a hair dryer to dry leather shoes is an effective way to keep them in great shape and make them last longer. It is important to ensure the leather is not overly exposed to heat, so be sure to set the temperature on the dryer to medium.

After the excess moisture is removed, take a dryer sheet and wrap it around your comb or brush and use it to brush the leather. This will help to reduce any static and prevent the leather from cracking. Finally, use a leather stretching spray to help the leather retain its shape and get rid of any wrinkles. With these tips, your leather shoes will look as good as new!

Bottom Line

The microwave is a great tool for quickly drying things, but it’s definitely not the right choice when it comes to leather shoes. Not only can the heat damage the adhesive holding the shoe together, but it can also cause the leather to dry, crack and peel. The overall design of the shoe could also get damaged as well as the color. If you need to dry your leather shoes quickly, you should use a towel or a hairdryer. All of these alternatives are much safer than putting them in the microwave.

Frequently asked question

Many people might be interested in knowing more about the safety of microwaving leather shoes. To help, here are seven frequently asked questions about the topic.

Is it safe to microwave leather shoes?

No, it is not safe to put leather shoes in the microwave. The heat can damage the glue that holds the shoe together, as well as damage the leather itself.

Can microwaving leather shoes dry them quickly?

No, microwaving leather shoes will not dry them quickly. In fact, it could damage them and make them unusable.

Will microwaving leather shoes kill the bacteria on them?

No, microwaving will not kill the bacteria on leather shoes. It is best to clean the shoes with a disinfectant prior to use.

Can I microwave my faux leather shoes?

No, you should not put faux leather shoes in the microwave as it may cause them to melt.

How can I dry my leather shoes quickly?

The best way to dry your leather shoes quickly is to allow air to circulate around them by placing them in a well-ventilated area or near a fan.

Will microwaving my leather shoes shrink them?

No, microwaving will not shrink your leather shoes, but it could cause them to become misshapen or discoloured.

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